These are just some of the advantages to choosing Hastings Freight. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the numerous other benefits Hastings Freight can offer.


Over 100 highly trained transport specialists are situated around the UK, to guarantee the speed and efficiency of your delivery (there are more members situated nationwide than any of our competitors)

Each driver is trained to communicate with your customer in such a way as to show your compnay in the best possible light. We are acutely aware that Hastings Freight will be seen as the transport arm of your company and that our efforts need to match your service quality.

You will have total visibility of your goods from start to finish. Estimated delivery times can be provided to give reassurance to your customer, and once your goods have been signed for you will have proof of the delivery on your computer, on the same day.

If your customer does not have a forklift it is not a problem, tail-lift vehicles are provided as standard.

Hastings Freight and Palletways are a fantastic option for delivering goods which are purchased on the internet.

We guarantee that once you have worked with our Customer service team at Hastings Freight you will not want to go anywhere else. Our aim is simply to make your life easier and if we don't please tell us

And on the subject of making your life easier....each delivery you ask us to make, can be done on-line: It takes minutes, it is simple to use and what's more the information you store can be used for management reporting at a later date.