These are just some of the advantages to choosing Hastings Freight. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the numerous other benefits Hastings Freight can offer.




Your freight is the most important freight we will handle!

It is unique and that is why at the start of its journey it will have its own identity in the form of a bar code, which creates a platform which its journey can be tracked from. Your own username and password will give you access to on line technology and the ability to monitor and track the progress of the delivery of your goods.

Image Scanning

Not only will barcode technology facilitate the tracking of your freight, the vehicle as it enters and leaves the hub will be photographed as part of a process wich monitors the security of your goods.

Same day availability of POD's

The POD, following the safe delivery of your goods will be available on line on the same day of delivery .....HOW IS THAT FOR SERVICE ?

Peace of mind and security is what we provide in abundance, and if you have your POD it just may help with invoicing and processing payment...which is something close to most people's hearts.

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